CanberraUAV Image Processing Tools (cuav) Documentation!ΒΆ

Thank you for visiting our documantiaton pages this software is commonly used by UAS that search for unusual objects (such as people or livestock) on the ground.

Our image processing (cuav) tools are designed to quickly and accurately locate objects of interest from a broad set of photos, and with the addition of flight logs and geo-tagging, these tools can also give the location of the objects in question. Running on both Linux and Windows platforms these tools can be run in real-time directly from a camera, or offline from a folder of images.

CUAV was created by CanberraUAV as part of the UAV Challenge, to find a missing bushwalker from photos taken by an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS, commonly known as a "drone") as it flew over the search area at low altitude.