Using the CanberraUAV Imagery Set


CanberraUAV has collected a large number of images from the UAV Challenge.

These collections serve as a convenient source of image data to use with the cuav tools.

They can be found at:

Note these are large downloads (~10Gb per imagery set).

The images themselves are in pgm format, which can be used directly with the Geosearch ( tool, or converted to jpg/png format via the PGM Converter ( tool.

Running Through a Geosearch

After downloading (for example) the 2016 Dataset, the geosearch program can be started with the following options:

Argument Value
files <Raw subfolder>
--mavlog <flight.tlog file>
--mission <way.txt file>
--view True

Or as shown below:


After clicking Start, go to GEOSearch -> Start in the menu of the Mosiac window (see below image, start button in red).

Then follow the instructions as per Geosearch (