PGM Converter (ΒΆ

This program converts images from pgm format to either jpeg or png format.

The pgm file type is used by some camera models (such as the Ptgrey Chameleon, used by CanberraUAV) to represent a raw bayer grid image.

It has the following options and arguments:

Argument Description Default
--directory Directory containing PGM image files (none)
--output-directory Directory to place converted files (same directory as input files)
--format type of file to convert to (png or jpg) jpg

If no arguments are supplied, a GUI will appear asking for startup options.

Otherwise, it can be started directly from the commandline. For example, In Linux: <arguments> <folder> --format=png /home/user/images/toconvert
getting_started/pgm_conv1.png getting_started/pgm_conv2.png