Geotagger (ΒΆ

This program adds geotags (longitude and latitude coordinates) to photos captured in-flight using a APM telemetry log (tlog) file to match the GPS location of the UAV at the time each photo was taken.

The geotags are stored in the Exif data of each photo file.

The "last modified" time of each image file is taken as it's capture time.

It has the following options and arguments:

Argument Description Default
files Directory containing png image files (none)
--mavlog Telemetry logfile (tlog) (none)
--max-deltat Max deltat for interpolation 0.0
--max-attitude Max attitude geo-referencing 45 degrees
--lens Lens focal length 4
--roll-stabilised Is camera roll stabilised? False
--gps-lag GPS lag in seconds 0.0
--destdir Directory to place geotagged files (none)
--inplace Modify image files in-place? False

If no arguments are supplied, a GUI will appear asking for startup options.

Otherwise, it can be started directly from the commandline. For example, In Linux: <arguments> <folder> --mavlog=flight.tlog /home/user/images/totag
getting_started/geotag1.png getting_started/geotag2.png